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Einfach Verkaufen GmbH is a successful real estate agency specialising in the sale of residential and commercial properties. With our dedicated team of experienced estate agents and our strong presence in the region, we are able to offer our clients a professional and reliable service. Our focus is on the successful marketing of condominiums, detached houses, commercial properties and land. We rely on modern marketing strategies and work closely with our clients to sell their property quickly and successfully. In addition, we offer our clients comprehensive advice on financial and tax matters and support them in finding their dream property.
With us you save time, money and get directly to your desired destination.

Our services and terms

Field of activity

Our field of activity includes the brokerage of real estate purchases and sales as well as the letting of residential and commercial properties. This includes the search for suitable properties for clients, the presentation of properties, the negotiation of purchase or rental agreements and the handling of transactions. As real estate agents, we are active in this field of activity and advise clients on all steps of buying or selling real estate. We research the property market for suitable offers, present them to interested parties and conduct viewings. We assist you in negotiating purchase or rental contracts and take care of transaction processing, such as reviewing documents, coordinating financing and preparing notary appointments.It is important to note that our service includes not only the brokerage of residential properties, but also commercial properties, for example offices, warehouse space, retail space and commercial land.

Field of activity

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Business terms

Our business conditions for the brokerage of real estate are commission-free. This means that we do not charge any commission to our client for our services, because in the event of a successful brokerage, the buyer of our service pays. We operate without a contractual obligation, which means that our clients have the option to terminate our services at any time without incurring any costs or fees. We believe that commission-free brokerage is the best way to provide a transparent and fair service to our clients.